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Golden FTP Server is a very basic, free FTP server
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Golden FTP Server is a very basic, free FTP server. There are two versions of this FTP server: the free one and the Pro one. The free one is a fully functional FTP server that allows you to create accounts and share folders with other people. Anyone with an FTP client can access the files.

It has a very basic set of features. Account creation is very limited. You can create an account and assign a username and password. And the user will see a folder on your system. As a limitation, users connecting to your FTP server won't be able to view the hidden folders or files or delete files directly to the recycle bin. You also can't block a user by IP address, which leaves your FTP server vulnerable to a variety of password hacking attacks. You are able to view active connections, but logging and statistics are greatly limited. This free version also doesn't allow you to set the maximum number of connections or to limit download and upload speeds, neither in general nor to a specific user.

In short, the free version can be used to set a basic FTP server for the occasional file transfer. Anything more sophisticated than that will prove difficult, given the many limitations to the free version. The pro version, on the other hand, is way more complete, but still not a match for the leading solutions.

José Fernández
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  • It's free and easy to set up


  • Very limited
  • No encryption
  • No directory control
  • No speed control
  • No connection control
  • No PASV mode
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